Monday, February 8, 2010

Hey Christians are you sick and tired of fake bull crap false prophecies ?

from others who claim to have had this vision and that vision this dream and that dream about the end times? like they would say something and it will not come to pass, and many fall for this. also while I am bringing up this topic has anyone read Heaven is so real by Choo Thomas? I have and found it lies. what did you think of that book full of false visions? I am sick to death of hearing any-ones so called end time visions and hear them say oh Obama will not be sworn in as president cause he cannot produce a valid birth certificate and the US will keep Bush on yes all this came from a christian who claimed to have had this vision and claimed it was from God. what do you think of that? and being told that Bush will be the last US president before the rapture. I find this disturbing. I am a christian looking forward to the rapture but I will not believe that Obama will not be sworn in office and that the rapture will happen during Bushes presidency.I do not be live this so called vision from this Christian. so Christians are you sick to death like me of hearing fake visions from others too?Hey Christians are you sick and tired of fake bull crap false prophecies ?
how about all of them? they are all from a bunch of deluded nutjobs.

and I might add that I agree with whoever said it first.

Hey Christians are you sick and tired of fake bull crap false prophecies ?
Speculation based on fact is shaky at best.

Speculation based on faith and scripture is completely up to the individuals interpretation, which is different for everyone.

Yeah... all the prophesies are annoying, but we all do that to some extent when we think about the future... we just know better than to shout it at the mountain tops (usually) when we have some feeling of what might be a possible outcome of events.
The only prophecy teachers I listen to are the ones who realize that no man knows the day or hour of Jesus's return and don't indulge in sensationalistic date setting. I recommend listening to, or reading the books of Hal Lindsay, Tim LaHaye and Chuck Missler.
Let's take it one step further:

Aren't you tired of all fake bull crap prophecies?

All of them. They're all fake.

It's funny how you mock others for their silly prophesies while holding dear your own set of ridiculous prophesies.
I don't have time to listen to all those prophecies because I'm too busy getting ready for 12/21/2012.
My answer is....

Why don't you and Dave just get together. You can bore each other and leave us in peace.
I never heard of Choo Thomas and my belief has nothing to do with him.
Ha Im so with Dominic here..Do u hear yourself?

Its all bull**** dude.
I'm sick of christians.
There has been over 63 end of the world predictions coming from Christians in the past 2000 years. None hav come true.

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